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I have been fascinated with history and particularly the bible for many years. Like many people before me I have taken on the challenge to unravel the ancient mysteries. I am certain I have a lot to contribute from my findings, but I am faced with a problem. First of all, I am not wanting to upset anyone because of my findings but regardless of which side of the opinion fence I sit, this is unavoidable. Secondly, I am a person who loves to find answers, explore and open discussions.

Combining Known Recorded History with newly uncovered archaeological evidence many clashes about our past have surfaced. This is exciting because it only confirms that what we have been told and taught is not altogether correct. 

History was written by the victors of antiquity and I cover this in my blogs...

The authors of history conveyed one sided point of views. The lack of technical and scientific answers threw the ancients into a world of mythology and mystery.

Because of the many mysteries of antiquity, gods were invented, and superstitions were created. The lack of knowledge caused many fantasies to flourish about an ancient world in its infancy time of civilization.